Syncfusion India Hiring Developer, Designer, Engineer; Appy Now

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Syncfusion India Hiring Developer, Designer, Engineer; Appy Now

Syncfusion, a US based global technology company with it's office located at Chennai, India is in major expansion hiring at several positions. The company offers one of the best UI (Users Interface) Component Suite for Building Web, Desktop and Mobile App.

Founded in 2001 and based out of North America, it boasts of more than 23000 customers and 1 million plus users including Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions and global IT companies. Some of the top clients includes top companies like: IBM, Siemens, Bosch, Intel, M & M, Schneider Electric, VISA,

Syncfusion Essential Studio is software packages that offer tailor made solutions for startups and enterprises. It provides more than 1,600 components and frameworks for developers to select from.  

Syncfusion is focused on technological innovation for developing software component suites for Web, Desktop and Mobile Apps.

Syncfusion Essential Studio is a .Net based product and is not a plug-in for Visual Studio. It offers more than 800 controls and frameworks that could be used as per requirements in the Visual Studio for creating masterful applications. The Syncfusion Control Panel allows online and offline samples to be viewed for all the controls. Moreover the dashboard includes Documentation, Read Me and Release Notes, making it easy visibility with no need for searching it.

Syncfusion Essential Studio platforms includes: ASP.NET Core (Essential JS 2), AsP. NET MVC (Essential JS 2), ASP.NET, JavaScript (Essentials JS 1), ASP. NET Core (Essential JS 1), ASP.NET MVC (Essential JS 1), PHP, JSP, Xamarin, Windows Forms, Universal Window Platform, FileFormats, JavasCript (Essential JS 2).

Syncfusion India Careers

Syncfusion Career and Jobs has current hiring positions for roles of 
.NET Developer, Graphic Designer, UX Designer, Office Coordinator, Support Coordinator, Business Development Coordinator, Technical Writer and Network Engineer.


.NET Developer

Location: Chennai, India

Testing Engineer,
Location: Chennai, India

Graphic Designer
Location: Chennai, India

Motion Graphic Designer
Location: Chennai, India

UX Designer
Location: (Chennai, India)

Office Coordinator/ Admin
Location: Chennai, India

Support Coordinator
Location: Chennai, India

Business Development Coordinator
Location: Chennai, India

Technical Writer
Location; Chennai, India

Senior Technical Writer
Location: Chennai, India

Network Engineer
Location: Chennai, India

Facilities Executive (Chennai, India)


The company develops and sells software components and tools matched for top companies and enterprises. It's products power applications across a wide range of industries and enterprises from trading systems to missile control systems.


Syncfusion is engaged in building top class software and customer relationships and therefore offers opportunities for individual growth. Challenging yourself every day is the working motto and is hugely rewarded.


1. Competitive Compensation Packages

2. Employees Referral Incentives Offers.

3. Portion of Health Insurance covered by Syncfusion.

4. Syncfusion provided dental care

5. Gym membership partially reimbursed.

6. Mobile Phone with Data plan partially reimbursed.

7. Home Internet Service Partially reimbursed.

8. Disability Insurance Available

9. Paid Vacation & holidays

10. International Travel for certain positions
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