Apply For Google Engineering Residency Program for Becoming Productive Software Engineer

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Apply For Google Engineering Residency Program for Becoming Productive Software Engineer

Google Engineering Residency Program is one of the quickest ways to join the best engineering teams trying to solve big problems. A Engineering Graduate gets a year long training and mentorship that could also make them eligible for jobs in Google and elsewhere. The program is structured to teach theoretical knowledge with a practical experience of working on a project. The training period refocuses core software engineering skills, practices and technologies that are currently used by best product designers in Google and other tech industries.It wants to make productive and successful software engineers.

What is Eligibility for Google Engineering Residency Program?

Applicants should possess a minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Equivalent Experiences in related fields. Final year students will also be considered eligible. Should posses experience in programming languages such as Javascript, Python, Go, C/C++, C#

How does the Google Residency Program Structured?

Google Engineering Residency program duration is for a fixed time period one year. It offers opportunities to sharpen technical skills and gain programming experience working in the Google Engineering teams. They are mentored by seniors. Each resident gets a chance to learn technical skills and work in rotation with two Google Engineering Teams.

What are works to be done during the Google Residency Program?

The Google Residency Program
 starts with different sets of lecturers, workshops to get familiarized with Google Code writing template and learn leadership lessons. Rest of weeks are designed to make students undertake projects to learn Google code reviews patterns, workflow and various other technologies. In the final week of training they are made to be ready for a rotational period where one joins a team for mentorship.

What are taught during the Google Residency Program rotational period?

During Google Residency Rotational Period residents give good chances to learn from veterans. They work in close coordination and supervision of Engineering hosts who provide valuable feedback.

How do I know about recruitment opportunities?

Check up Google Website of current job postings and updates.
  For More Details on Google Engineering Residency Program, Check Here:
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