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Our idea to start Mildjobs (a Brand of RISING BHARAT TECHNOLOGY), a digital platform for jobs, Assessment test and training came from own experiences of making a career, a journey that started many years ago from a small town in Bihar.

We never forgot the pain and struggle of making career in a private jobs without any guidance, experience or support. As a youngster filled up with high ambitions there was constant confusion on choosing a career path. There was no one to guide or counsel in picking up a career. There was no internet. Any professional advice came with a high costs. It was very troubling period, full of frustration, darkness and anger due to lack of clear cut advice. Lack of three basic requirements career counselling, skills training and jobs opportunities, made freshers like us miserable.

These issues have become more acute because of huge growth in young populations. On the other hand, the biggest employer i.e. agriculture jobs have long turned non productive. Bharat youths with an immense talent have become restless and angry due to lack of job and growth opportunities.

Government has been making efforts to tackle the issues but is not adequate. Private platform of jobs listings and training are focused on lucrative big cities jobs and youngsters with money. This has left majority of those in an urgent needs of training and jobs left untouched. Similarly the SME companies which employs majority of population have no resources to hire best talent available because they can’t spend their limited resources on expensive recruitment agencies and digital platform.

Mildjobs have been started with a mission to Power Bharat 🇮🇳 Youths by offering them a platform to learn and find a jobs at the most easy, simple and cost effective manner. If SME companies gets best talent, they will soon grow and employees more.

We request all of you to join this small revolution started by Mildjobs to make SME engine of Bharat's Rise by providing them with skilled and talented workers. Jai Hind !!! Jai Bharat!!

You can reach us for any inquiries, specialized inquiries, explanations, proposals, becoming a guest author, share any unique news. Use below given contact form to present the relevant information's.

Email Us: mildjobs@gmail.com

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