Microsoft, Facebook, IBM & Amazon Employees 16000 Data Scientist in 2020

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Microsoft, Facebook, IBM & Amazon Employees 16000 Data Scientist in 2020

Data Science includes study of Big Data, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). Data is now considered to be a valuable asset of any enterprise. Data collection and analyzation helps in understanding customers choices, behaviours etc. It helps companies in serving them better by offering personalized services.

Data Science is now the top career choice for engineering students. The reason is phenomenal starting salaries, better job satisfaction level and rising level of demand.  

Every year, global Top Tech companies hire the best data scientists and pay them incredible high salaries due to their key role in product developments based on their data fished out from customers.

A report compiled by Diffot on staffing at the Global Tech companies in 2020 reveals that the top three Microsoft, Facebook, IBM and Amazon employees employ more than 16000 Data Scientists
. The software giant Microsoft top the data scientists employee list with 1,623, followed by Social Media Giant Facebook: 1,1307, then Computer Giant IBM: 1,245 and E-Commerce Giant Amazon: 1,215

Since all these tech companies are heavily invested in India, a large portion of these employees are hired locally and work here.

So engineering students in India looking for a fast career, they should be trained to be data scientists.

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Data Scientists Employees At Microsoft: Appx 1,623

783 data scientists

373 data engineers

268 data architects

42 machine learning engineers

29 big data engineers

128 artificial intelligence experts

Data Scientists Employees At Facebook: Appx 1,1307

61 machine learning engineers

22 big data engineers

41 artificial intelligence experts

723 data scientists

373 data engineers

Data Scientists Employees IBM: Appx 1,245

32 machine learning engineers

28 big data engineers

52 artificial intelligence experts

646 data scientists

166 data engineers

321 data architects

Data Scientists Employees Amazon: Appx 1,215

313 data scientists

694 data engineers

53 machine learning engineers

53 big data engineers

44 artificial intelligence experts

58 data architects

Data Scientists Employees Google: Appx 904

526 data scientists

180 data engineers

15 big data engineers

73 artificial intelligence experts

36 data architects

74 machine learning engineers

Data Scientists Employees At Apple: Appx 385

109 data engineers

34 machine learning engineers

216 data scientists

Data Scientists Employees At Oracle: Appx 306

105 data architects

10 big data engineers

120 data scientists

71 data engineers



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