How to start Careers in Chemical Engineering

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An engineering science that uses the principles of physics, chemistry, math and biology to design energy and to be applied to transform into different products.


Chemical engineering focuses on developing or designing chemical products and processes. They involve in Transformation of materials and energy into many required and demanded products. They use and apply non technical substances in laboratories to convert chemicals, raw materials or living cells. Chemical engineers contribute in designing and operating safety and hazard assessments and nuclear plants. It is a complex science and mathematics application to convert and utilize energy and chemicals.

Key skill required for a chemical engineer:

A candidate with a keen interest in chemistry and mathematics should keep this career in his choice list. One who has vast learning skills and has a strong understanding of chemical reactions or conversions.

Some basic skills are as follows:

• Understanding and interest of chemistry and applied science.

• Skilled in applied mathematics and aptitude

• Analytic thinking and progressive thought process.

• Hardworking and well managed in team spirits.

• A good communicating skills verbally and in written is highly required.

Professional skills:

• One must have experienced engineering skills, that may include nuclear and biological engineering.

• One must be able to perform efficiently with operating instructions and in accordance to construction specifications.

• Project management skills are required to handle complex and big projects.

• One has to have a thorough understanding of resource and service management.

• Team leading and leadership quality will prove to be rewarding.

• Creative and innovative ideas with problem solving abilities.


An engineering degree to be acquired in subjects of chemical and bio chemical engineering. After qualifying 10+2, apply for an engineering degree in some recognized university for a graduate and post graduate degree. Select your subjects logically according to your skilled talent.

You can opt for certain subjects like:

Applied chemistry, biomedical engineering, nuclear engineering or environmental engineering.

You may select the best college available and apply for entrance examination.

Some of the best colleges are:

• Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay): The group of engineering institutes runs by government of India. It offers many engineering programs and is one of the most chosen institutes by engineering students.

• Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore: It is one of the best university offering technical courses and aim in providing best engineers to the nation.

• National Institute of Technology Warangal: It is one of the famous and most applied by students. It is a public engineering institute recognized by Indian government.

• SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai: It is one of the best private university offering graduate, under graduate and doctoral degrees.

• University of Delhi, Delhi: Delhi University is a wide platform that offers many courses for a large department of academics.

There are some institutes offering diploma courses in chemical engineering. One can apply after 10 th.

How to start chemical engineering:

Qualify a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and try for applying an internship. An internship will help you give you more skills in practical experience and will make your career path easy. It is better that you select a specialized subject or stream to work on and perform your skills on. Complete relevant exam and any entrance or certification will surely help you for your career. You may start at the very ground level for building your foundation for a shining career.

Some of the recruiters of chemical engineers:

• One of the India's leading industry of manufacturing adhesives used in more than 150 industrial products or household needs: Arofine Polymers Ltd.

• An international leader in the field of plant engineering: Tecnimont ICB Ltd.

• A Japanese engineering and construction company producing and marketing hydrocarbons and petrochemicals: Toyo Engineering India Ltd.

• A globally operating company offering major technology, construction and financial services: Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

• A textile, cement and paper manufacturer. It has a large manufacture of cotton, yarn and denims: Century Textiles and Industries Ltd

• One of the large manufacturer of products like food, beverages, cleaning agent, water purifying devices and many more: Hindustan uniLever Ltd.

• A Dyes and colorants manufacturer. They produce dyes and coloured resins: at a large scale and more vast market demand: Colour-Chem Ltd.

• A firm that greatly focuses on generating fertilizers and chemicals: Godavari Fertilizers and chemicals Limited.

Career growth:

Chemical engineers are projected to grow in a fair scale of about 6% in a period of ten years. Their demand may vary according to the demand of industrial market.

What do we do:

A chemical engineer works in manufacturing or developing advanced chemical products. They manufacture pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Their job involves in designing and constructing, recycling and recreating pulp and paper, work in management of petrochemicals.

Positions you can apply for:

The top two jobs of chemical engineer are process engineer and process technician. That consists of some of the following positions

• Analytical chemist: A scientist who is involved in analyzing and testing chemical compositions of different substances.

• Environmental Engineer: A scientist who works for saving and developing environment health to protect eco system and benefit the quality of human health.

• Materials engineer: A job involved in computer chips and communication devices. They also contribute their work in air craft wings, golf clubs and ice skiing.

• Energy manager: They work in utilizing, extracting and transmitting energy.

• Manufacturing engineer: They are into the manufacturing and designing of robots, machine tools and many high quality products.

• Mining engineer: They work in and for open pits and design machinery used to work in underground mines. They also construct underground tunnels and mine shafts.

• Quality engineer: They promise product and service quality or control under recognized standards and principles.

What are the expected duties of a chemical engineer:

• They conduct researches to improve and influence manufacturing processes.

• Inventing safety procedures to benefit the safety in hazardous chemical plants.

• Generating energy and electrical currents by implying chemical processes.


Chemical engineering is a role that has some risks associated as you may be exposed to healthy and safety hazards because of your direct exposure to chemical plants and chemical reactions. However a special training and support is given to the engineer and its staff to work safely.

Chemical engineers witness excellent opportunities and good earnings scopes in the market. Chemical engineer touches a large sector and market. It has a large number of industries and departments to work for. From a basic household cleansing product to a complex industrial product, chemical engineer has his hands on almost everything.


An average salary of chemical engineer ranges from 4,75,000 to 6,00,000. The initial salary of a fresher may be lesser than the average pay however it tends to improve and increase with your experience and expertise.


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