How to become Artificial Intelligence Specialist


Artificial intelligence (AI) is one major source of science on which the maximum population rely on. To start your morning with mobile feeds to ending your day with a soothing song through Alexa. Everybody, almost every body has become used to Artificial intelligence in one way or the other.

Overview: when a human built device or machinery uses its brain that is inherited by human intellect is artificial intelligence. An expert of artificial intelligence is one of the most demanded and viable career choice. This not only sounds exciting but also challenging that makes this career option much liked by the students.

Driving a car with inbuilt computer intelligence, making our routes through Google maps and fully automatic devices. The brain that operates all these devices and application is artificial intelligence, a copy of human intelligence.

Career growth:

Since this technology world is evolving into more robotic, science world, the demand of artificial intelligence out looks a great rise. This career is in a high demand by all ages and sectors and also is being highly valued by both employer and consumers. Because of its high demand, this job becomes a well paid and highly profitable job option.

How to start careers in artificial intelligence:

A keen interest in math and your love for optimizing mathematic problems and algorithms will prove a great start towards this career. Earn a bachelors degree in computer science and get your hands clean on thorough experience in computer programming skills. Attain a degree in computer science or cognitive science (a combination of psychology, computer science, anthropology, and philosophy)

The following skills are required by the candidates :

• A strong background of applied math, calculus and probability.

• Experience in graphical modeling and neural net will make your journey easy to begin with, in this career.

• Hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science ,Software engineering or any other related course.

• One must have an excellent communication skill in both written and verbal that will help one to express his views clearly.

• One must have an understanding of machinery and its system.

• One is required to have a vivid imagination to work on and make it a reality.

• You must have a in-depth understanding in system analysis.

• One must have a fluency in different computer languages.

Artificial Intelligence Colleges in India:

India has many institutes and colleges offering masters in artificial intelligence. After gaining your bachelors degree, opt for a reputed college to do your masters degree in artificial intelligence. Some of the colleges to opt for artificial intelligence majors are:

• University of Hyderabad is a public university that is famous for its major courses and research projects.

• IIt Bombay is a public engineering institute that also offers masters course in many renowned departments.

• IIt Madras is known as one of the best institute for higher education in India.

• IISC Banglore creates engineers and scientists in India, with their high quality academic system and staff.

• ISI Kolkata is an academic institute that was recognized by the government as an institute of national importance.

Courses to opt for Artificial Intelligence:

The colleges, institutes and online programs offers some courses under artificial intelligence. Candidate must opt for his courses smartly and get a deep learning in the field he wants to continue his career in AI certification or course. Artificial intelligence has three types:

• Artificial Narrow Intelligence that implements limited mind in narrow tasks.

• Artificial General Intelligence is an interesting learning where machinery is designed to have a brain and be able to understand, learn and operate a task.

• Artificial Super Intelligence where the machinery possess the super ability of human brain and highest abilities.

Artificial intelligence has its 4 sub branches which are

• reactive machines which have no memory and is specialized to do one task in one order.

• Limited memory where in machine is able to collect data from previous task and make its own memory.

• Theory of mind through which a machine can interact socially and feel the emotions.

• Self awareness will be the future of our generation and will be the most intelligent form of machine assistance.


Artificial intelligence specialists have a fair and healthy demand in the market. They are well paid sector and also much appreciated. Recruiters from India and abroad caters a huge job opportunities in both government and private sectors. Some of them of the list are:

• Toubro infotech limited is one of the top IT company that deals in technology and solutions.

• Accenture services private limited is a multinational company that deals in IT, Finance, consultation , technology and operation.

• IBM is the brand name that deals with designing, operating and service provider of intelligent machinery and computer devices.

• Hcl technologies limited is an Indian IT company and well known for its services and consulting.

• Google the brand name that has a huge number of work departments working under it.

An artificial intelligence expert can look for some of the following roles to apply for:

• Artificial intelligence developer operates neural networks and algorithm to fine tune technical skills of a device.

• Subject matter expert has a great expertise in one core unit or department of science and technology.

• Algorithm specialist is the computer scientist who designs academics in real world applications.

• Research scientists focuses o research and development of device or project.

• Software analysts caters analysis and operation of software .

• C# developer who works in processing and applying computer languages for a technical project.

• Jawa developer works for designing, enhancing and operating Jawa.

• Information security engineer takes care of the security system of a network.

What do they actually do:

An artificial intelligence expert works to design a machinery to work and mimic human brain. Auto chat box to self driven cars, easy kitchen appliances and human free voice assistance is what comes under artificial intelligence.

• Logical reasoning , exactly as the human brain works, it is an ability of a machinery where a decision taking, winning a game of applying solutions is all done by the machinery itself.

• Knowledge performance, an idea where the computer can suggest the errors, help with new words and different ways to tackle an issue.

• Planning and navigation is a well known system that is used to navigate route and used by self driven vehicles.

• Natural language processing that can understand, identify written and verbal languages.

• Emergent intelligence that focuses on moral reasoning by the machinery.

• Speech recognition that all are aware of, recognizes the verbal words and instructions.

• Object detection and face detection is an ability to recognize your face or thumb prints and secure your personal data.


This profession witnesses a good pay scale and pay growth over the period of experience. An average salary is from 14.2 lakh to 14.5 lakh . your experience and field of skill determines the changes in the salary numbers.


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