How to Become Aerospace Engineers in India


Aerospace engineering comprises of two sectors in aero nautical and astronautical engineering. It focuses on development of aircraft and designing, analyzing and improving space crafts.


When we hear aerospace engineering few major terms come in our mind. Aeronautical engineering that is basically involved in operating and developing an aircraft and Astronautical engineering which is involved in designing and operating space crafts and satellites and missiles. It then divides towards another branch of engineering i.e. avionics engineering that operates the electronic department of aerospace engineering.

Key skills:

An employer seeks for both professional skills and soft skills in its candidates. Unique blend of these skills will be highly preferred by the employer. A career in aerospace engineering is one of the highly paid and most professional career field. Hence the requirements of the skills needs to be highly professional and eligible.
Some of the basic skills are:

• You must have analytical skills to handle the project or issue efficiently.

• You are highly required to have a leadership quality and team work spirit to be able to deliver high performance.

• communication skills is the key that has to be good in both verbal and written to be able to be more heard and understood.

• Must be flexible enough to work in different work atmospheres, weathers and shift timings.

• One must understand the fact that there is no end to learning and growing.

Some of the professional skills to an Aerospace engineer:

• One has to have technical knowledge both theoretical and practical.

• Has to have an active analytic view and quick problem solving qualities.

• Must have technical expertise in is field of interest.

• Is highly required to have time management skills to be able to cater different projects in time.

• You must have your easy hands on computer programming.

How to start:

To be an aerospace engineering you must start real early. You should have developed a good understanding and interest in advanced science and applied math during your high school. Try to focus on your creative skills and thought process. Get a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering and in relative subjects. Your bachelor's degree will include laboratory practical and field education. You will also study about mechanics and learn about aerodynamics.

Some of the course subjects are:

• Aerodynamics that teaches about the movement of air around an object.

• Aerospace Propulsion that involves the understanding of operation of engines and its parts.

• Aerospace Structural Mechanics teaches about the operation and designing of test aircrafts, space crafts and missiles.

• Aircraft Design, as the name suggests, it is learning of designing, and analyzing an aircraft.

• Aircraft Propulsion it is a in-depth learning of engine and propeller.

• Flight Mechanics handle the smooth operation and performance of air craft wings and rotary wings.

• Incompressible Fluid Mechanics teaches about working of variable fluid density that may be in gaseous or liquid forms.

Some of the colleges:

India has a number of reputed colleges offering degree courses in aerospace engineering. Students are keen in aircraft and spacecraft hence has this career has become in high demand. Some of the top colleges are:

• IIT Bombay, It is a renowned public institute that offers many bachelors and master's degree in engineering.

• IIT Kharagpur it is an institute established by government of India and focuses on engineering and technology courses.

• IIT madras which is recognized as an institute of national importance and reputation. It is the best platform for higher education and research.

• IIT Delhi is a public engineering institute that promises to produce one of the best engineers in the country

• IIT Kanpur has been recognized as an institute with national importance and offers the best faculty in engineering courses.

• Lovely professional university is single largest institute that is privately owned and offers vast number of academic departments to apply for.

• Manipal institute of technology is a constituent institute that offers 17 academic departments and holds both undergraduate and graduate degree courses.

• SRM institute of science and technology, an institute with wonderful infra structure and an experienced academic teaching faculty holds a rank of one of the top engineering institutes.


Aerospace engineer has a shining scope of opportunities in both government and private sector. A candidate holding a masters degree may try his hands on teaching that proves to be one of the best paid career. The complex studies and fine learning experience with aircrafts makes is a list of interest. Also the increasing demand and dependence on technology opens a door to a large number of vacancies. Some of the top recruiters in India are:

• TAS, a brand name of TATA who wouldn't want to get associated with offers wide scope of job career for aerospace engineers.

• Airbus, a designer and producer of commercial aircrafts and military aircraft equipments.

• Isro, the space and research agency organized by government of India has been offering best job options to the aerospace engineers.

• Hindustan aeronautics limited, a defense and aerospace company that is owned by government has been releasing vacancies for engineers at various departments and sectors.


Aerospace engineers are recruited by the industries and multi national working for and working with aircrafts, missiles and equipments for national defense. A degree holder can apply for some of the following job position however the internship experience and years of experience will be considered:

• Mechanical engineer, who has to work on machinery and assure its efficient performance. They work on different parts of aircraft.

• Spacecraft and aircraft designer solely focuses or designing and analyzing the air craft according to the demand and safety standards.

• Military aerospace engineer applies technology by developing innovations to ensure the safety of military. They work to ensure decreased collateral damage and develop laser guided weapons.

• Compliance officer enforce the regulation and operation in 100% compliant mode. Safety of on air and on ground staff is their responsibility.

• Aircraft technician, who handles the technical side of aircraft by testing, maintaining and developing the air equipments.

• Aerodynamic engineer is highly involved in developing and operating aviation and aircraft system.

• Aeronautical engineer apply their skills and expertise to upgrade complex engineering devices.

• Data processing manager, as the name suggests, work on managing, processing and determining the research data.

• CAD technician who applies CAD system to operate machinery.

• Thermal design engineer has an expertise of converting thermal sources into energy.

• Aircraft structural engineer are the engineers who wholly focus on the structure designing and operating aircraft structures.

What do we do:

They are designer and developers of flying equipments that is specified in special professions and standards. An engineer excels his skills in one department and specializes in his duties that include trouble shooting and designing.

Career growth:

As an aerospace engineer has the great opportunity in both government and private sectors. They have a good scope abroad as well. The technology is the blood of development therefore neither can development cease nor can the demand of engineers, especially aerospace engineers. More advanced aircrafts has more vacancies in demand.


An annual salary of 1 0, 70,000 to 10, 90,000 is expected that tends to rise on a nice scale. A fresher expects a salary in government sector from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs per annum.

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