Careers in Mechnical Engineering in India

A brief about Mechanical Engineering:

A science that works on a joint learning of Physics and Mathematics to carve mechanical system more advanced, more human friendly and more systematic.Its key feature is to understand, analyze,create and develop the mechanical system. It is one of the oldest science being used for engineering techniques. From manufacturing plants to industrial equipments, from medical devices to war weapons,transport systems to robots,mechanical engineer is the backbone of creating reality out of imagination. It is one of the widest ancient engineering discipline.

Mechanical engineering is an evergreen branch of career in engineering. They deal with the cocepts of mechanics ,fluid mechanics, design production, research and development and analyzing heating and cooling system. They have a vast employment scope in India and abroad. From Engineering work to research and development , market has a lot to offer. Engineering discipline is broad and diverse that is applied in many sectors.

What does a mechanical engineer do ?

Mechanical engineer design, install and upgrade the machinery and devices used in all scales. From a small electronic kitchen item to elevators of buildings, They work on almost everything. They make sure a machinery is being operated and installed with correct technical skills. They overview a machinery from its birth till its repair. It is a combination of material science and technology.

What we actually do:

. Examining and analyzing mechanical systems or pruducts and thermal systems.

. Developing the mechanical structure as required.

. Designing engines and machinery.

. Focussing on more advanced mechanic system with the application of material science.

Technical and professional keyskills required:

One is required to have his skills immersed technically and professionally. One should have quick and spontaneous problem solving abilities. One has to have a creative skill with commercial and technical awareness. Team work spirit and ability to perform in work pressure is highly required.One must have effective technical skills followed by writting and communication fluency.

A mechanical engineer must have specific abilities, which includes an understanding of industrial standards, and should be efficiently computer aided since his expertise will be supported by a lot of time configuring, copying, and testing. Likewise,mechanical engineers ought to have descent aptitudes, solid investigative reasoning and must have a rational approach.

Some of these skills are:

. Being innovative.

. Holding strong analytical reasoning.

. Has a clear and impressive communicating skill.

. Leadership qualities but with team work spirit.

. Ability to think out of the box.

. Mecahnical skills and has keen interest to know how a machine works.

Career growth:

Fundamental maths and law of physics to invent and create devices for everyday use makes this career most liked and selected by graduates.Career scope is huge as it provides job possibility in almost every field.Therefore their career growth will highly depend on the kind on industry and poject, one is working for. Hence growth rate will vary from project to project.Growth graph can never cease in such careers but can differ from one industry than other.


A mechanical engineer with an experice from 1 to 4 years expects a salary from 3 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs. However with an increasing experience,salary tends to rise on a good scale.According to data from Payscale (July 2017), a site which declared the universal common pay rates, shows that mechanical specialists who work under the executives or are involved with ANSYS re-enactment programming may profit more than the people who work individually. Projected Job GrowthJob prospects for mechanical engineers generally have a wider scope. Job opening is broad and has a wide scope in public and private sector both in India and abroad.

What does mechanical engineer do:

Mechanical engineer design, install and upgrade the machinery and devices used in all scales. From a small electronic kitchen item to elevators of buildings,They work on everything.They make sure a machinery is being operated and installed with correct technical skills. They overview a machinery from its birth till its repair.

How To become a mechanical engineer:

One has to have academic course through university or through vocational institutes. A gaduate programme through a private college or institute will cost you from 50,000 to 2,00,000 annually. However a government run establishment like Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) will cost you from 30,000 to 40,000 per annum. Funding and scholarship: Educational system offering mechanical engineering offers scholarships to socially and financially backward classes.Waiving off tuition fees,providing scholarships,stripends and financial assistance is also provided to merits and qualifying criteria(It completely depends and may vary from institute to institute)

Fundamental subjects:

. Applied mathematic,basic physics(Btec) and chemistry.

. A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. Colleges offer varied streams of subjects like physics,arithmetic, auxiliary and electronics.

. One can apply for equivalent degree or diploma.

. Engineering Science in one stream focusses on a lot of research and development in various sectors like medical devices, computer-aided projects with designed features and developing more advanced engines and machinery.

. one must hold an Engineering licence to start for a job career in mechanical engineering.

Vocational colleges and institutes:

It will be longer way towards becoming a mechanical engineer.Levels of your course semester will decide more scope to this field.Level 4 being an advanced course or diploma and level 8 being equivalent to post graduate capability.

My first step to start: As stated mechanical engineering is a combination of applied engineering science with analytical concepts and designing. Holding an engineering licence has to be a goal after acquiring a bachelor's degree.From a complex power plant to mechanical devices a lot covers under engineering field.

Companies who hire mechanical engineers:

. Automobile and auto part manufacturers

. Aerospace industry

. Various Government sector undertakings

. Aviation companies

. Steel plants

. Thermal plants and gas turbine manufacturers

. Air conditioning and refrigeration industry

. Shipping industry

. Engineering consultancies

. Armed forces

Top 10 hiring companies:-National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA),Google,Apple,Microsoft,GE Aviation,Boeing,Lock Head martin,Ford Motors,US Department of energy,NVIDIA and Nobody knows everything.

Top Mechanical Engineering colleges:

. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay)

. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi)

. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur)

. Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras)

. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee)

. Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS-Pilani)

Private colleges for Mechanical Engineering:

. BITS Pilani.

. Anna University.

. College of Engineering.

. Indo Global Group of Colleges.

. Netaji Subhas Institute Of Technology.

. GITAM University, Vizag.

. Delhi Technological University.

. IEM, Kolkata.

Some of the positions a mechanical engineer can hold:

. Acoustic consultant.

. Corporate investment banker.

. Land-based engineer.

. Mining engineer.

. Patent attorney.

. Production manager.

. Technical sales engineer.

. Water engineer.


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