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Everything to start with a tiny device of household to a complex electronic system, Electronic Engineering carves all your requirements. It has a great scope of demand and vast modes of supply. Hence it proves to be a good career option.


A discipline of science to design electronic devices utilising elecrtical components and science. Integrated circuits, semi conducting devices and diodes are used to design devices like circuits, VLSI devices and passive components that are based on printed circuit boards. Electronics is a wide engineering subject and can be incorporated in vast scope of areas. Engineering associated with electronic devices has two major sectors, i.e. analogue electronic engineering and radio frequency engineering. From a kitchen toaster to a GPS satellite, electronics has pervaded every facet of public requirements and markets. An electronic engineer touches a vast scope of sectors that involves electronic components and programmed logical computer devices.

Key skills:

One must have a critical thought process with complex and systematic problem solving skills. One must have a good hand in mathematical aptitude and should have deep interest in technology. One is required to have a good skill of time management accompanied with great IT skills and communication skills.

Some of the following key skills are in demand that are must for the candidates:

• Creative enough to design and plan an electronic system.

• Quick problem solving and analyzing skills to manage a given product with best results.

• Must have effective technical skills to understand and apply technical engineering , where required.

• One must be commercially aware of demands and new end technologies.

• A team work spirit to work as a team efficiently even under work pressures.

• Convincing and influential communicating skills both verbally or written.

• One should have a fair knowledge of networking and coding

Where to start with:

A bachelor's degree followed by post graduate degree to be pursued soon after 10+2. Apply for fundamental engineering entrance exam and start an internship. You may take a professional engineering exam after this for a better job option. India offers a great numbers of good and reputed colleges for engineering courses. These colleges offer many courses of engineering and technology.

Some of the famous and top liked colleges are:

• IIT A group of engineering colleges all over the country is run by Indian government. Who doesn’t know the name of Indian institute of technology that is spread across the country.

• Dayananda sagar college of engineering : This is a private college which is located in Banglore offers BE electronics and communication.

• College of engineering, Pune: It is an autonomous engineering institute that provide engineering courses and promises to build great engineers.

• Lovely professional university: It is a private institute spread widely and offers up to 200 programs.

• Mani pal institute of technology: It is a constituent institute that specializes in engineering department and contains 17 academic departments.

• Delhi technological university: It is a public institute that is located in New Delhi and is ranked second among 34 best technological institute across the country.

Some recruiters of electronic engineering are:

Electronics and communication engineer are in high demand and expects a number of vacancies by both government and private sector.

Some of the following recruiters who are at the top list of candidate's choicest list:

• DMRC, Delhi Metro rail corporation that has a world class metro service in Delhi and is involved in ensuring reliability and comfort in their services. They focus on planning, designing, installing and implementing mono rail and high speed rail projects.

• Intel, The company that innovates cloud computing and pc solutions.

• Mtnl, It a service provider owned by state owned telecommunication. It provides its services in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Banglore.

• Isro, who wouldn't want to work with The Indian space research organization that wholly focuses on space technology for the development and spirit of national development and security.

• Motorola, an American multinational company that is a wekk known manufacturer of mobile phones and communication services.

• Wipro, An Indian multination corporation that has its large contribution in IT and consultation.

• Bsnl, a state owned tele communication service that is spread across the country for its service and products.

• Indian air force, the air arm of India that is ranked as fourth amongst world's air forces. Working with them is a dream and pride of every Indian.

• Indian navy caters high demands of electronic engineers. One would never want to deny for working with such a national pride.

• Infosys a business consulting company is Indian based multinational brand. It deals with information technology and service outsource.

• Tech Mahindra provides IT services and outsourcing to different sectors of market.

Position one can apply for are Electronic engineering technician, Controlsystem integrator, Electrical/electronics product specialist, Electronic technologist, Product designer and Field service engineer.

Career growth:

Career scope is huge however expertise and pay scales may vary. High end use electronics in all areas and departments make this a career a huge necessity in market. Its career growth largely depends on growth of manufacturing industries and telecommunications. Career growth does not see a frequent or fast rise however the job requirements seem to be stable and in high demand.


Expected salary for an electronic engineer starts from 3,90,000 and reaches till 6,00,000 that would completely depend on the years of experience and areas of expertise.

What do we do:

They design, program, test , develop and analyze electric equipments like electric motors, radar, navigation system, communication system, power generation devices and much more. Broadcast to aerospace, cad technician to designing device, controlling radio frequency to installing intertared circuits, electronic engineering is the foundation. Research and development of electronic products or devises and designing high level power electronics is one of the various jobs they perform.

How to start:

Electrical and Electronic engineer is required to have a bachelor's degree. One should clear the fundamentals of engineering exam and apply for a professional engineer exam. Practical work experience in either an internship or in any project in engineering field will be favored by the employers.


Understand your field of interest and skills and select your subjects smartly. Try to solve problems and understand the working of electronics around you. Try to find your areas of flaws and try to fix them technically and analytically. Be a active listener and learner and find for opportunities even at ground level. Acquire experience with some senior engineer and learn to use science principles.


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