Careers in Electrical Engineering in India


An engineering that supports the work of and around the wires, circuits and electrical devices. It takes less time to learn to understand and learn this engineering however requires a lot of practice and patience to successfully apply it.


The sub branch of engineering that focuses on application and use of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. It manages designing and moduling of electric circuits and devices. They play a major role in large power plants as well as in small hardware companies. They contribute their important lead role in operating power plants, machinery, electric motors, computer chips and ignition system of air crafts and engines.

Key skills:

One must have innovated thinking skills and very good technical skills. One must have a calm pace to work under pressure with enthusiasm with team spirit. One is required to have active listening skills and quick problem solving abilities. Mathematical and physics skill is an eligibility that cannot be ignored.

• Ability to think out of the box. At times it is important to have an ability to think different and apply skills to create and innovate new working system with human ease.

• Patience is the key to work under pressure of delivering best in given time. Some projects may be time consuming and complex to handle, hence patience keeps the issues at a side.

• Active listening will help one to understand the issue and focus solely on the issue.

• Your interest in math and physics at your early academics will help you apply the principles easily and confidently.

• Knowledge of designing electrical circuits is one of the first skill you must clean your hands on.

• Active learning is a skill that will help the candidate to be open to continuous and non stop learning throughout his career.

• Communication skill will give more clarity of expression and understanding your client’s requirements.

How to start:

Candidates must pursue a course in electrical engineering in both graduate and postgraduate levels. For a Postgraduate degree candidate has to hold a B tech degree from a reputed institute. After finishing your engineering course, land for an experience and may start at an entry level job. Put your hands on ground level experience though internship or under the supervision of some senior engineer. Continue applying for professional exams and career jobs.

Course subjects:

To start with this candidate must make his mind to select the subjects he wants to pursue his degree in. This should totally depend on his interest and field of talent. Some of them are:

• Aerospace engineering that focuses on the designing and operating air space and devices. Electrical unit of this focuses on management of wires and circuits, devices and machinery, energy and its consumption.

• Analytic geometry is also called coordinate geometry that is widely used in aviation and space science.

• Antenna systems design that teaches you to function and apply electro magnetic radiations.

• Audio visual processing as the name suggests focuses on sound and visual components and its fundamentals.

• Bio chemistry is the application of chemistry at molecular levels.

• Chemistry that investigates and learns about substances and their properties or reactions.

• Computer science that teaches you all about computer software and its modification.

• Calculus is a mathematical study of changes in shape and numbers

• Physics that creates a learning in operation and development of physical substance and its motion.

• Material science that involves different matters and its properties.


India offers very good colleges who provide engineering courses and are well reputed. Some are run by the government of India and some are privately owned. Some of the reputed colleges are:

• IIT Bombay, It is a renowned public institute that offers many bachelors and master’s degree in engineering.

• Lovely professional university is single largest institute that is privately owned and offers vast number of academic departments to apply for.

• Manipal institute of technology is a constituent institute that offers 17 academic departments and holds both undergraduate and graduate degree courses.

• College of engineering, Pune is an autonomous institute that is one of the oldest engineering college in India.

• PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore leads in the race of most reputed engineering colleges in India.

• Delhi Technological University, Delhi is a reputed public institute promising to create great engineers in India.

• Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara is a public university in Gujarat and is one of the most reputed and oldest engineering university.

• Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore is a privately run institute that offers one of the best academic faculty for engineering courses.

• Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai offers a lot of engineering colleges with best academic staff.


There is a huge scope of job career in Indian market and abroad .some of the list of recruiters that include both government and private sectors are:

• Bajaj electrical is an Indian manufacturer of electrical equipments and offers a great scope of vacancies to electrical engineers.

• Wipro lighting corporate one of the famous and biggest manufacturer of bulbs and led lightings has a lot of job options to offer.

• Siemens has many branches in India that originally is a German manufacturer of electrical devices.

• Crompton greaves is an India multi national company that designs manufactures and market electrical products.

• Schneider electric is a French multinational company that manufactures specialized electrical products.

• Bharat heavy electrical ltd is an Indian manufacturing company and one of the most wished employer of the candidate's list.

• Havells India limited is one of the largest and demanded manufacturers of electrical equipments and kitchen devices.

• Google is one of the most famous employer has a department that requires the specialized electrical engineers.

• Apple is a brand that is most talked about for its high end products and services.

• Ibm deals with many electrical devices and hence offers a huge ground for electrical engineers.

These are some of the positions for which an electrical engineer can apply for according to his skills and work experience.

• Electrical engineer, where he has to work according to his specialized engineering skills.

• Senior electrical engineer or electrical supervisors for the candidate who has a fair experience of his job.

• Systems engineer, where the candidate will have to focus on one department of engineering unit.

• Test engineers focus on testing, evaluating and analyzing an electrical system or unit.

• Electrical application engineer focuses on application and operation of energy and equipment.

• Network design engineer, the one who is responsible in designing and developing electric manual.

Career growth:

Since the technology is a booming sector, electrical engineer can hold a good and stable career in the race. Wired to wireless, all businesses rely on electrical engineering. The growth rate of employment n this sector has been marked 7% - 9% in span of ten years that is similar to many other booming and demanded careers.

What to do they do:

Electrical engineering is broadly required in power and Telecommunication. An Electrical engineer is responsible to generate and transmit electricity and apply it in a designed system. They are not only required in constructions but also play a vital role in field of telecommunication, IT, Navigation, Railway, Automobiles, defense and many more. They actively participate in various fields.

Power Engineers:

They focus in specialized skills in designing and manufacturing very small power circuits that are used in computers and electronic devices. Telecommunication Engineer: They are specialized in maintenance and designing of cables. They are responsible for handling installation of telecommunication equipments. Complex switch system to an old wired telephone, IP networks to microwave transmission system They handle all. They are also categorized in electrical draftman.


Electrical engineering is one of the highest paid and profitable career. An experience of 1 to 3 years expects a salary of 3.7 lakh however an average salary is from 10 lakh per annum and tends to rise with varied expertise and different employer.


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