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The science and engineering used to manufacture and develop software product is Software engineering. It uses well defined scientific principles and procedures for development of software products. It include software services, software sales, software solution sales and installation. It also teaches software quality testing and software licensing.


An application of techniques and creativity to design, develop and evaluate computer software. A wide use of science and mathematics to create a vivid software world. The increasing use and dependence on computer software has made this career in high end demand. Social sites to bank services, anti virus to computer games, the software engineer is the main stream of this creativity. Software engineer caters the customers of all ages and careers. The use and application of software has reached everyone's pocket and homes. It has not left any sector untouched, nor any age. A bill at restaurant to PVR tickets, a handy mobile application to pay all your bills to getting immersed in a 3D and 4D visuals, the software behind it is the only key.

Key skills required to be a Software Engineer:

One must have clarity of thoughts and skills to be a software engineer. One must have a logical understanding and a great command on verbal and written skills. One must have a clear understanding of communicating within real and virtual world. One is highly required to have Quick problem solving abilities. Critical thinking and good listening skills is one of the basic requirements.

To be classified in two one must have following basic and professional skills:

Basic Skills:

• One must have an ability to work in team without losing calm, even under the work pressure.

• A quick spontaneous outlook towards the solution finding and problem handling is recommended.

• Written and verbal communicating skills must be acquired.

• A smart way to present and sell products or ideas.

• Hard working and punctual.

Professional Skills:

• Must have a good knowledge of computer programming and coding.

• Must have an active performance towards software development.

• Object oriented designing and software development should be his Expertise

Career Growth:

Vast acceptance of computer application and software assistance has made this career one of the most liked and highly paid career options. The job opportunities are wide and vast. This career is not limited to one field, hence provides great earning options. The more experience one has and more one will earn. High demand of software engineers makes it a good paying job amongst others.


To start with a career in engineering and programming you must have an eligible and relevant degree from a recognized institute or university. You should acquire a degree in software engineering or computer science. After attaining good scores in 10+2 that will completely decide your selection of college for a graduate degree, focus on the subjects and stream chosen under your course. This is the deciding period for the student for what he wants to get into according to his interest and skills. One can focus on software designing and other may opt for software sales. There is a large number of branches under this career that will open various options of job requirements.

Where to start your studies:

India has a large number of good and recognized colleges both run by government and private authorities. Some of them are:

• IIT (Indian Institutes of technology): It is a group of institutes all over the country set by government to create and polish best scientists, engineers and technologists.

• National institute of technology: These are autonomous public institutes that have got special recognition by Indian Government. They offer large scope of engineering courses.

• Birla institute of technology and science, Pilani: It is a largely established private institute that provides engineering courses and has 15 academic departments.

Note: One has to qualify JEE Main and JEE Advance examinations to be eligible for admission in IITs. For software engineering, One has to select CSE or IT branch (B.Tech for 4 years).

How to start a career as an engineer:

• Start with an Internship to initiate your experience and get your hands on software skills. Many colleges and companies offer internship during the last year of your colleges. Internship is highly helpful to the students to build contacts for future endeavors.

• Start learning some languages like Python,JawaScript,C++ that will help you to understand the computer software and programs.

• Enter the ground level opportunity to start with to gain experience that will be prioritized by the employer and will be kept at upper hand.

• Understanding software architecture and configuration management.

Some of the recruiters of software engineers:

• Amazon: It is an American multinational company spread widely across many countries. It focuses on E-commerce, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. It is one of the widest networks connecting many sectors hence providing a sky full of job opportunities.

• Yahoo: One of the most used and known emailing and search portal. Yahoo mail, Yahoo finance, online , mapping and many more departments have been recruiting software engineers on a very high scale.

• Face book: one of the famous and user friendly social networking that has reached all sectors and areas. Software engineers are being recruited largely by this booming and highly demanded software service.

• Google : Who doesn't know this name! Widely used search engines and many other inter related services and products like cloud computing and online advertisements has made this company one of the most craved employer's list.

• Ibm: It is an American based multi national information technology company. It produces computer hardware, software and middle ware and hence offers a great number of opportunities to software engineers.

• Apple: An American multinational company that produces, designs and sell computer software, electronics and online services. With a huge consumer list it becomes a huge opportunity for software engineers.

• Intel: It is an American multinational company that manufactures highly valued semi conductor chips and microprocessors. A software engineer would not want to say a no to a job offer from Intel.

• Oracle: An American based multinational company that sells database software and technology. It also sells enterprise software products and cloud engineering system. Software engineer oversees a good scope of vacancies.


The annual salary a software engineer earns is Rs 482239 according to a survey on pay scale. The expected salary for an experience for 1 year to 3 years is 5,00,000 to 5,80,000. City, Skills and experience is the key to the expected salary. Better the year of experience better the salary expectation is. Software engineer are in high demand in other countries and as paid a handsome amount of salary.

what does a software engineer do:

Applying mathematical analysis and computer science to create, design , operate and develop a software. Software is the backbone of operations in business, schools, games and almost all the running careers. software engineer builds a path between the reality and thoughts, a bridge between what you see and what you think. They focus of software testing and development. Also they provide software support and marketing.

Some positions you can apply for:

• Software engineer

• System analysts

• Business analysts

• Technical support

• Network engineering

• Web developer

• Software tester

To start software Engineering:

A bachelor's degree in computer science.

Fundamental subjects:

A study of data structures and algorithms.


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